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Special Courses and Activities
Exams Preparation Cils, Plida e Celi, History of Italian Art course

Free guided tours, wine tastings, afternoon / evening activities with other students of the school

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Association LICET

Italian language school in Rome

The strong point of ROMIT school is the group of young, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. Teaching is their passion, and they love to share their knowledge and expertise with you, so that you can enjoy the real ‘Roman experience'. You will have the opportunity to meet Italians, and other visitors – and share experiences together. Enjoy the central location – the school is located in Monti, in the heart of Rome (5 minute walk from Cavour metro station) and the great social program, including guided tours of historical and cultural highlights, dinners, theatre visits and more. Discover Rome and enjoy a real immersion experience! Explore Monti – the area where Scuola ROMIT is located, and birthplace of Julius Caesar!

Italian courses offered

The Italian language courses are designed specifically to meet your needs. You will receive a course book, and other study materials tailored to your requirements. Teachers enhance your learning experience through: 1) using real life situations to combine lessons in communication and grammar – to enable you to build confidence and fluency from day-one 2) offering a wide range of courses and activities relating to Italian history of art, literature, cinema, theatre, cooking and fashion. The atmosphere at Scuola ROMIT is friendly and informal. School facilities include: spacious and bright classrooms, a small private garden, free Wi-Fi for all students.

Teaching method

ROMIT teaches Italian using a situational-communication approach. This means to focus on grammar, reading comprehension, and writing skills with an emphasis on communication skills. This teaching method allows students to practice how to navigate everyday, real life situations (ordering in a restaurant, going to the market, asking directions, etc). Teachers bring the language alive by exposing students to everyday vocabulary, terminology and vernacular of every day spoken Italian. Classes are always dynamic and fun as we aim to stimulate dialog through discussions of Italian as well as global cultural and social themes.

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