Accreditations and Memberships

Affiliations and recognitions of Italian schools for foreigners in Italy

In the description of each school, you will also find a section on accreditations and memberships. What are they, and what do the abbreviations mean? With this brief guide, we aim to help you navigate and choose an accredited Italian language school for foreigners that suits your needs.

Trade Associations

The national associations of Italian language schools for foreigners bring together most of the public schools in Italy, which can join the associations after demonstrating their quality and regulation criteria for teaching activities. Three major national associations have sprung up over the years. All the associations guarantee rigorous quality control over their member schools, offer teaching refresher courses for teachers of Italian as a second language and are a point of reference for students before, during and after their Italian language course in Italy.

Other associations

Acknowledgements and Accreditations

We list below recognitions and accreditations by Italian or foreign public institutions that verify the quality of the courses offered for the purpose of teaching Italian or, more generally, that verify the value of the courses attended for the purpose of professional training.

Certifications of knowledge of the Italian language

Official certifications of knowledge of the Italian language are required, for example, to be able to enrol at Italian universities, apply for Italian citizenship or simply enrich your personal skills and your CV. We present below the most important and well-known certifications; all are recognised by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are part of the CLIQ (Certificazione Lingua Italiana di Qualità) consortium.

Certifications for teaching Italian as a foreign language

There are also certifications for teaching Italian as a foreign language, recognised by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Teachers, therefore, obtain their teaching qualification through these exams. Some of the schools on our portal also offer teacher training courses and the possibility of taking the respective exams directly on site.

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