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Art History courses, wine tasting, cooking courses

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Italian language school in Naples

Located in the heart of the historical centre of Naples, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, Italianopoli is an Italian family-run school where the owners, together with experienced staff, take care of the quality of the Italian courses. The school is cozy and familiar is located a few steps far the most interesting places of Naples, an authentic and vibrant city, which has surprisingly been untouched from the negative effects of mass tourism. Very close to Italianopoli you ‘ll be able to easily get to the train station and the port to visit the beautiful islands of the Gulf of Naples.

Italian courses offered

All Italian language courses organised by Italianopoli share a common characteristic: the extreme personalisation of the lessons, which are tailored to the student and his or her linguistic and cultural needs. For this reason, the group courses envisage a maximum number of 6 students per class and aim at the practical application of what is learnt in class, in the conviction that language is not a set of grammatical rules but, on the contrary, a tool for communicating.

Teaching method

Italianopoli does not use standardised programmes but proposes 'tailor-made' Italian courses in the belief that all students are different in the way they learn and in their interests: for this reason the school tries to personalise lessons as much as possible, selecting the most suitable teaching material for each student's needs or, often, creating it themselves. The aim is to make the student the protagonist of their own learning path, using different techniques and methods to stimulate conversation and interaction in class. Italianopoli teaches real Italian, so different, as you know, from the somewhat artificial Italian of books. Grammar, language games, listening, guided conversations and even theatre... at Italianopoli you will find it all!

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