Do you want to learn the Italian language and are you looking for the right Italian language school in Italy for you? Are you also interested in Italian culture, art and the famous Mediterranean cuisine? On our IT-Schools portal you will find a comprehensive list of Italian language schools in Italy and in almost all Italian regions. Our aim is to present the varied and wide range of Italian schools in Italy by providing you with brief and essential information for your choice: you will find the types of courses offered, a brief description of the school and the teaching methods used. Last but not least, you will also find information on the accreditations and awards of each individual school. Through the portal you can directly contact the schools of your interest and proceed with the planning of your language study stay in Italy.


IT-SCHOOLS provides you with a complete list of Italian language and culture schools for foreigners in Italy. Would you like to study Italian in Florence, Rome, Milan or Bologna? Or would you prefer smaller cities in Tuscany, Sicily, Umbria or Puglia? By selecting the region and city you are interested in on IT-SCHOOLS, you can find the Italian language school for foreigners that is just right for you.


Use our internal search engine to quickly find the Italian language school in Italy that is right for you. The Italian schools on our website offer a variety of Italian courses for foreigners: intensive, extensive, language and culture, cooking and art courses. In addition, you can search for the Italian language school most suitable for you based on certifications, geographic location and the type of destination you prefer.


If you want to learn how to prepare traditional Italian dishes and enjoy the wide variety of wines, this is the right section for you. You will find here all Italian language schools offering cooking courses, divided by regions and cities.


If you are looking for painting, singing, sculpture, fashion, design courses in Italy to deepen your knowledge of one of these art expressions, visit the art courses section and discover all the possibilities. Again, schools are divided by region and city.


We provide you with a list of Italian schools that also offer online Italian courses tailored to your needs. Before your trip to Italy, you can learn or perfect the language with a specialised native speaker teacher via Zoom, Skype or other platforms.

Why learn Italian and discover the Belpaese?

The Italian language is loved the world over. Italian is a language of culture, embracing literature from Dante Alighieri to contemporary writers, it is the language of art, music and philosophy, but above all, and in particular, the Italian language is the living expression of the Italians' way of life. That is why thousands of young and old every year choose to take the opportunity to learn Italian and deepen their language skills in direct contact with Italians and discover the natural, cultural and artistic beauties of Italy. Regardless of whether you study Italian for work, for passion, for cultural interest or simply to be able to communicate during your summer holidays, taking an Italian course in Italy will bring you into contact with the locals, be they the teachers and staff of the Italian school, colleagues at your new job or new acquaintances and friendships made at the bar or on the beach. Learning Italian in Italy is more than just a language course, it is a complete and immersive experience.

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