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Italian Language Home-Stays - Rome

Italian Language Home-Stays - Rome

As it is a Home-Stay, the living and study structures are all in one; that is the teacher's home, in the Roman countryside. The Guest will be allowed to use any rooms in the house, not just their bed-room and bathroom, and to enjoy the large garden.

The school

The "School" is a big enough house with a large garden. Classes can take place in the several rooms even if there is, of course, a special one dedicated to them, with a large table, chairs and a sofa, to let the Student feel at ease during the three teaching hours in the morning and the two individual/tutorial hours in the afternoon.


The courses

The Courses are one-to-one or for two people, who are travelling and staying together. They are individualized to the Students' levels.


The method

The "actual" lessons are planned by the Teacher and books/texts, teacher's notes, and exercises, beside a great amount of conversation, will be included, so that the language structures already met by the Student will be practiced.
In the two afternoon hours the Students will study on their own while the teacher will be available.
Learning will be powered by the usual conversation originated by the sharing of the house and of daily moments of life, like meals, reading or watching TV.

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