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Orvieto was built on a tuff cliff, which stands in the middle of a wonderful landscape of fields and vineyards, in the flat valley of the river Paglia. This town, because of its structural characteristics, is a particular example of symbiosis and integration between nature and the men’s work. Especially in the medieval period, the Orvieto territory was much wider than now, when the city-state Urbsvetus reached its largest extension along a tansversal area, that extended from the Tevere as far as the Mediterranean Sea.
The present Orvieto territory extends through a characteristic landscape, made of basalt and tuff formations, of nice hills and plans, which transformed later into the first Appeninnes’outposts. This landscape is formed by thick woods and by the human agency, with cultivated fields, that are interrupted by the grapevines from which they get the good Orvieto wine.

If you travel by plane, the right airports to reach Orvieto are: the Perugia Regional Umbrian Airport Sant’Egidio (90 Km away from Perugia) and the Rome International Airport Leonardo da Vinci (130 Km from the town).
If you want to travel by train, you can use the Firenze-Roma-Orvieto Station line. Otherwise, if you want to travel by car you can take the Sole motorway (A1) and leave it in Orvieto, considering that the travelling time from Florence is about an hour and thirty minutes, while from Rome it is about an hour.

Another route is possible travelling first along the clearway Perugia-Todi and then along the other one, SS 448 Todi-Orvieto.

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