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Assisi stands in the highest point of Subasio mountain chain, in Umbria, a region that has got an almost completely hilly and mountainous territory, with a population that has been devoted to agriculture since ancient times.
Assisi is, first of all, a pre-eminently spiritual town, plunged in a territory which consists of mountains, nature and cultivated fields, whose symbol is the glorious St Francis’Basilica.

If you want to reach Assisi by plane, the airports are: the Umbrian regional airport “Sant’Egidio”, which is 12 Km away from Assisi and is connected to the town by a taxi service and “Leonardo da Vinci” airport in Fiumicino (Roma), that is connected to Assisi every day by the SULGA bus line.

By train the reference is the railway line Firenze-Terontola-Perugia-Foligno, with arrival in Assisi at Santa Maria degli Angeli Station (connected to the town by a bus service).

If you want to reach Assisi by car from the North of Italy, you can follow two routes: you can drive along the Adriatic A14 motorway (Bologna/Taranto), leave it in Cesena and drive on to Perugia along the E45, as far as the exit sign to Assisi. Otherwise, you can drive along a stretch of A1, leave it in Valdichiana and reach Perugia, rejoining with the E45 to Cesena as far as Assisi.

The same double route is to be followed by who is coming from the South: you have to take the Adriatic A14, then leave it in Civitanova Marche and drive on to Foligno-Perugia, as far as the exit sign to Assisi. If you want to take the A1, you can leave it in Orte and drive on along the E45 to Perugia-Cesena, as far as the exit sign to Assisi.

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