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Perugia: gastronomy

The gastronomy from Perugia is essentially simple and it is characterized by the genuine products....




The gastronomy from Perugia is essentially simple and it is characterized by the genuine products of this land, as the olive oil, which is light but with a refined fragrance, suitable to accompany the typical bruschette (garlic bread), grilled meat and vegetables.
Also the black truffle, which is a typical product of the whole Umbrian territory, defines many dishes and characterizes the Pizza di Pasqua (a kind of spiced salted brioche flavoured with pecorino cheese) with its incomparable taste.
The most used meat in the main courses is the pig and the wild boar’s meat, which are cooked and spiced according to various recipes.
The salami are particularly tasty and fragrant. Another kind of meat which is very used in cooking is the lamb that, as the other kinds of meat, is cooked in huge fireplaces with selected and scented firewood.
In spite of the fact that the region is not washed by the sea, the fish from Lake Trasimeno is often present in the menus from the province of Perugia.
Special dishes based on fish are the tegamaccio (a sort of very spiced fish soup, similar to the cacciucco) and the upstream crabs, the trouts, the carps and the luces with firm and tasty flesh, which are cooked in a fanciful and tasty way.
Another speciality from Perugia is the Parmigiana di gobbi, an old dish based on cardoons (the gobbi of the recipe), meat sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Also the sweets from Perugia are very interesting and are still produced according to ancient recipes.
So you cannot miss them: the pinoccata, based on pine-seeds, the torciglione (a home made sweet with a coiled snake shape), with a lot of raisins, nuts and dried figs and then the torcolo, a twist-shaped cake with raisins and candied fruit. Also the production of chocolate is important and famous all over Italy.
With such a varied table , made of such dense tastes, we have the production of precious wines as the Montefalco, the Torgiano and the Colli Perugini, which reflect the tastes and the culture of the people who live in this land.

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