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Assisi: art

Obviously the most important monument in Assisi is the St Francis Basilica complex....



Obviously the most important monument in Assisi is the St Francis Basilica complex, composed by two overlapping churches – the lower part was built in 1228/1230, while the upper part was built in 1230/1253 – and a crypt which was dug out in 1818 and that contains the Saint’s grave.
The Basilica was decorated by the most important 1200 and 1300 painters as Cimabue, Giotto, the Lorenzettis and Simone Martini.
Inside the convent you can admire a remarkable Treasure composed by some rare illuminations, paintings and varoius relics.
Around Comune Square you can see the 1st century B.C. Roman Minerva Temple and the underlying Museum’s Roman Forum, that shows the temple’s podium and the Roman flooring.
We suggest you to visit St Clare’s Basilica too, built in 1257-1275 Italian Gothic style, which contains some precious paintings belonging to the period that goes from the 12th to the 14th century.
Then you can also admire the picturesque St Rufino Cathedral, with its Romanesque façade, decorated by three rose windows. The other important monuments are: Rocca Maggiore (a fortress), which is a typical example of medieval military architecture, St Maria Maggiore Church, which is the first cathedral in Romanesque style in Assisi and the 16th century Marcella Fountain. We recommend you to visit the town Picture Gallery (Pinacoteca Comunale) and the Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery of the Christian Citadel.

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