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Lucca: nature

A few kilometers from Lucca is the Garfagnana, one of nature's most beautiful areas of Tuscany.




Lucca: Devil's Bridge
The hermitage of Calomini, with the famous sacristy of the rock, is a destination not to be missed for all lovers of religious tourism;

A few kilometres from Lucca, wedged between the Apuan Alps and the Appennino tosco-emiliano, and crossed by the Serchio river, lies the Garfagnana, one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of Tuscany.

The first point where to stop going up the river, is the Devil's bridge, from the central span so high as to be a challenge to the law of gravity.
It was named so, for the old legend of its constructor, that, unable to finish the work, offered to the devil the soul of the first person passing on the bridge, in exchange of the completion of the work

Going up the river again, you will arrive to the Hermitage of Calomini, with the famous rock-hewn sacristy, a must-see stopover for all lovers of religious tourism.

Lucca: Grotta del Vento

Ultimate destination and paradise of speleologists is the Wind Cave, unique in its kind in Europe for the variety and diversification of the paths offered to the public.

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