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Ragusa: gastronomy-Body

The cooking from Ragusa is characterized by some appetizing first courses: vegetable soups with beans, lentils, chickpeas, broad beans; ravioli stuffed with ricotta and served with a pork meat sauce; flat bread with tomatoes and cheese or stuf

fed with spinach and other vegetables (cauliflower and aubergines). The different kinds of cheese from Ragusa (provola, caciocavallo, scamorza, cacetti) are all particularly appetizing because of the tasty milk produced by the cattle of pure breed that eat the fodder of the rich and nourishing pastures of the Ragusa tableland.

Among the typical dishes from Ragusa you can taste "lasagne", "causunedda"(little dumplings that once were made on straw baskets or on carved wooden boards) and "cavatieddi" (some long and thin little dumplings with a crack on one side), the pork jelly, the Easter lamb, whose meat is used as filling for the "impanate", the "ghigghiulena" (a Christmas sweet made with sesame seeds, honey and sugar) the ricotta cassate and the cannoli stuffed with ricotta or custard, the modicana chocolate.

These dishes can be seasoned with the DOP olive ol from the Iblei Mountains, that is exported all over the world and you can accompany the food with the excellent cerasuolo DOCG wine, principally produced in the areas of Vittoria and Acate.

By Ibla Italian Language School, Ragusa

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