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The Palermo folklore is rich in religious festivals and celebrations...




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The Palermo folklore is rich in religious festivals and celebrations. The most famous celebration is the one in St Rosalia’s honour, patron saint of Palermo, which is celebrated from the 13th to the 15th July. This feast, which was very sumptuous in the past, is now an important popular festival, known as “U fistinu”.

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The people from Palermo keep up with the tradition of going on the pilgrimage to the St Rosalia sanctuary, which stands on Mount Pellegrino and is held on the night of the 4th September. The saint hid in hermitage and penance in a cave on the top of this mountain, where her bones were found after a long time. In the 17th century the believers built this big sanctuary in Rosalia’s name, a building that includes the cave, which had been the mystic’s shelter.

Palermo photographies kindly granted by HalisaClub- Palermo

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