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There are many and very different places to visit in Palermo and many possible routes...




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There are many and very different places to visit in Palermo. We advise you to savour it slowly, while you are walking through its small old town centre, where the architectural styles and the historical peridos have mixed together and where the streets and the alleys still preserve the tracks left by the people who have dominated it throughout the centuries.
There are many possible routes: the archeological one, the Arabic-Norman, the Baroque, the Palermo Art Nouveau ones, …
Here we will confine ourselves to mention some of those places that you cannot miss.

In the heart of the town you will find Quattro Canti Square, also called Teatro del Sole. Its name comes from the rounded edges of the four Baroque palaces that open onto it and from the four statues that portray the four seasons. Near this place, you will find Pretoria Square, with the St Catherine Church and the monumental Fountain and the Martorana Church, a masterpiece of the Norman art, with vaults decorated by Byzantine mosaics.

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Walking down Vittorio Veneto Street you will reach the cathedral, that was built in the 12th century and today preserves only little of the original structure, since it has been transformed in successive stages.
In Vittoria square you can admire the Palazzo dei Normanni, an ancient Arabic fortress, which was transformed into the royal residence by the Normans.Inside it you can find the Palatina Chappel, that is decorated with precious mosaics.

In your visit to Palermo you cannot miss San Giovanni degli Eremiti, one of the most important monuments of the Norman Palermo, with its red domes and its luxuriant garden.
Then also the Convento dei Cappuccini and the Archeological Museum are worth visiting.
The ancient ruins of the Roman Theatre and Amphitheatre, both built in lavic stone, stand between some modern palaces. The Achilles Thermae, on the contrary, are completely hidden to the sight. In fact, to get into them there is a door on the right side of the cathedral’s front, which will lead you to its large rooms.

Palermo photographies kindly granted by HalisaClub- Palermo

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