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MILAZZO: history

Some useful and interesting informations about MIlazzo: history, art, events, nature, gastronomy.



Several civilizations settled in Milazzo and left signs of their presence since Neolithic age.

The finds discovered range over Greek-Roman period to Byzantine age, go through Arabs, Normans and Spanish domination and arrive at the Italian Risorgimento.

In the historical texts Milazzo is present since IX-VIII century B.C. and you can find that Milazzo, after the Greek-Roman age, became with the Byzantines one of the first episcopal seat of Sicily.

Through the centuries, several historical personalities, like Frederick II and Carlo d’Angiò, were present in Milazzo.

Furthermore, the legend says that Milazzo was the land where Ulysses was shipwrecked and met the mythic Cyclopes. As a matter of fact the ancient historians set the town foundation in 716 b.C. in a region so rich and temperate that it was called “Sun Peninsula”.

Milazzo, as in its antiquity, is still today the starting point to get to the “seven sisters” (Eaolian Islands).

In those mythic islands where once upon a time Eolo, god of winds, nymphs and satyrs lived, you can discover today a natural paradise rich in history and art.

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