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Milazzo is rich of precious works of art but the Castle, extended for 12,000 square meters, is certainly the most important monument of the town.

MILAZZO: art-Body

The first buildings of the castle date back to the Neolithic and were widened by the first Greek colonizers in VIII-VII b.C. centuries, but only with the Arabs after 843 a.C. the real heart of the castle rose.

With the Swabians, Normans and Aragonese domination the defensive system was adjusted and provided with a definitive defensive wall.

The heart of the town is the Mastio. It’s worth visiting, to look at its different phases of evolution and to admire the wonderful panorama from its terraces towards Eolian Islands and Tyrrenian sea.

It’s worth visiting even the church Madonna del Rosario (1538), restored and enriched with several frescos and paintings of the artist Domenico Giordano, and the Vicerè Palace (XVI century) that was the seat of Governors and Vicerè of Sicily when they lived in Milazzo.

Milazzo photographies kindly granted by Laboratorio Linguistico (Milazzo)

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