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Cefalù nature

Nature of Cefalù



Cefalù is a part of the "Parco delle Madonie", a remarkable naturalistic and artistic patrimony of the province of Palermo, established in 1989. This territory is characterised by rough mountains, that overlook the sea and that house churches and old farms, built, very often, with the ruins of old Roman farmhouses in symbiosis with the nature.

In the Madonie we can recognize the most ancient rocks of Sicily, documented by numerous fossils found in the mountainous regions.

The most spectacular tops are Pizzo Carbonara (1979 m.), Monte Ferro (1906 m.), Monte Ouacella (1869 m.), Monte San Salvatore (1912 m.) e Monte dei Cervi (1656 m.), that, even if they are part of the same mountain chain, collect different and specific looks, alternating tops covered with vegetation with barren tops.

This naturalistic variety makes the whole territory of the park very characteristic and attractive for who wants to discover a new feature of these lands, walking to find small details and watching carefully without hurry.

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