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Cefalù: Art and monuments



From the artistic point of view, the most important monument is, no doubt, the Duomo-Basilica, wanted, in 1131, by Roger II, around which the modern town developed.

This building is like a fortress and has two big towers surmounted by pyramidal spires with different battlements, which are the symbol of civil and religious power.

The inside of the Basilica is Latin cross-shaped, it’s divided in three naves and is decorated with valuable mosaics realised by some Byzantine masters called by Roger II.

Another building of great value is Palazzo Maria (about XIII century), which, with "Palazzo dell’Osterio Magno" (Osterio Magno Palace) and "Palazzo dell’Osterio Piccolo" (Osterio Piccolo Palace), characterises Piazza del Duomo (Duomo’s Square).

In this town it’s also possible to see some ruins of the ancient megalithic walls placed at defence of the Rocca (Fortress) of Cefalù: they follow the coastlines, perfectly becoming a part of the natural structure of the mountain’s rocks.

You should also visit the quarter of Crucidda- Francavilla, which keeps its characteristic medieval structure, where it’s still possible to admire a tower-house of that period.

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