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Posada nature-Body

Posada is characterized by a really peculiar natural environment: the seaside, the mouth of the stream Posada with its pool and Mount Albo are all present on the same territory. Near Posada you can go to the wide Su Tirarzu beach and also to Orvile beach, which is next to a pinewood and a pool where you can see the flamingoes (Phenicopterus ruber roseus) and the ash-grey egrets (Ardea Cinerea).

The municipality of Posada is going to realize a fluvial park that will include the mouth of Rio Posada and the nearby Tundu and Lungu pools, in order to protect the territory and the animals that live here and also to preserve such a unique and rich naturalistic heritage.

Of course, in the whole area of Posada you can practice birdwatching, to observe flamingoes and egrets close up.

Finally, we advice you to visit the magnificent beaches with the characteristic shallow and sandy coasts surrounded by the fragrant and varied Mediterranean scrub that are present in this area, in particular San Teodoro (a beach, a pool and a didactic garden for your excursions) and Caletta Budoni beach.

Posada photographies kindly granted by SunStudies - Posada (Nu)

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