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Porto Torres: nature

Porto Torres: the wonderful natural park of Asinara



The landscape of Porto Torres offers you, from a naturalistic point of view, a lot of beaches, in which you may stop and enjoy the sea, such as "Scoglio Lungo" (formed by cliffs alternating with little sandy tracts) and the very beautiful Balai beach, dominated by the Church of Saint Gavino in Balai.

The wonderful natural park of Asinara Island, with its blue and crystalline sea, deserves a separate speech.

The Asinara Island keeps a natural habitat, that was able to preserve itself thanks to its unusual isolation, that had characterised it during its history.

This island, in fact, was a Sanitary Station of quarantine, a prisoner-of-war camp during the First World War and a top security prison during the period of terrorism in the Seventies.

This situation enabled the conservation of large naturalistic areas and made the island a valuable patrimony at international level.

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