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Porto Torres: art

Porto Torres monuments, archelogical sites, civic museum and megalitic ziggurat



Porto Torres houses one of the most beautiful Romanesque monuments in Sardinia: the basilica of Saint Gavino, built by Pisan workers in 1060 in Pisan Romanesque style.

This basilica has a special feature: it hasn’t a facade and so it has two opposite apses.

In its crypt the relics of three martyrs Saint Gavino, Proto and Gianuario are preserved.

You should also visit some different archaeological sites in the territory of Porto Torres such as Monte Agellu (from Latin "agellus", little field or cemetery) or Turris Libisonis, located in town, where there are some ruins of Roman baths.

The Roman Bridge on Mannu stream, out of town, with its seven lowered arches, is also very typical.

Finally, the most important remains are kept in the civic museum called Antiquarium Turritano, that collects altars, acephalous statues, crockery from the baths and finds from the early-Christian burials.

You shouldn’t miss the visit at the pre-nuraghic altar of Monte d’Accoddi, a megalithic ziggurat, two Km from Li Lioni (near Ottava)on whose peak holy rites and sacrifices are believed to have taken place.

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