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Olbia: nature

The natural beauties of Olbia



Olbia: sea bed

The natural beauties, situated in in the suburbs, are the principal attraction for the visitors: Mount Pino, 10 km from the centre, gives you the opportunity to appreciate the typical Mediterranean vegetation (scrub), with rock roses, lentisks, junipers and a thick wood of pines, holm-oaks and cork-oars, which offer you an overall view of the gulf.

A few Km away from here you can find the Smeralda Coast, with its characteristic vegetation, its deep small bays (rias) with their boundaries marked by rocks with the most varied forms that give hospitality - as if they were pearls - to very white beaches. The natural sea parks of Tavolara are beautiful, too; Tavolara is an imposing granitic island that marks the southern boundary of the gulf: 600 m of rocks dropping sheer on a sea with unique colours represent a perfect sanctuary for the sub, with sea species which are strictly protected. In summer you can visit it sitting comfortably in a ship, both by day and by night, with the opportunity to enjoy a restaurant and a cinema in the open air. Another naturalistic destination is "The Maddalena", the magnificent archipelago in the northern part of Gallura, where you can also find the home of Giuseppe Garibaldi that today has become a museum.

Cape Figari (the headland that marks the northern part of the gulf, on the opposite side of Tavolara) with its uphill way towards the lighthouse, offers you the possibility to catch sight at close range of dying species, as mouflons, peregrines and ravens, while enjoying a breathtaking view.

Olbia: Tavolara Isle

Figarolo islet with Cala Moresca and the rocks of Cala Greca are the ideal places for who is keen on spectacular dives and for the sub at any level, both for the beginners and the experts (the inside of the rocks is subdivided in caves decorated by magnificent stalactites, with entrances below sea level, at a depth from 10 to 40 m and there are many diving centres that organize some daily excursions).

San Pantaleo is a small village with its artisan shops (that process granite, ceramics, wood and wrought iron), which offers the possibility to make excursions to the suurounding mountains (its granite towers with a height of 400 m, at a short distance to the sea, are an unavoidable destination for climbers and offer a picturesque view on the Smeralda Coast).

The lagoon area, that is to the south of the inner gulf and is populated by herons and pink flamingoes, leads you to Cape Ceraso, a woody and marine protected area that is the ideal place for excursions, both on foot or by bike. Finally, you must visit the countless beaches, as Pittulogu (a few minutes by bus from the centre), Porto Istana and Cala Sassari.


By Studitalia - School of Italian language and culture, Olbia

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