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In Olbia you can enjoy the typical national cooking, but also the variety of the local gastronomy. The fish dishes are countless: there is a long list that starts with the appetizers and goes on to the first courses based on shell-fish, then to the gilthead or the bass that are grilled or baked in foil or you can taste mixed squid and shrimp fish-fries or salads with octopus and bottarga (this variety is possible thanks to the wide supply of fresh fish that is caught every day).

On the other side, the most typical land dishes are the "zuppa gallurese" (typical bread that is soaked into a tasty stock and then sprinkled with fresh cheese and baked in the oven for 40 minutes), the cheese ravioli, the "malloreddus" (small dumplings made with durum wheat) and prepared with a tomato sauce, the porcetto ("su polcheddu", roasted pork meat that is seasoned with leaves of myrtle and then very slowly barbecued), the different kinds of cheese (especially the, fresh or ripe sheep’s milk cheese), the bread (fresa, carasau bread, guttiau bread), the wild boar (prepared with a sweet-and-sour sauce or with olives and laurel), the "seadas" (a dessert prepared with a thin sheet of fried pastry, filled with cheese and then covered with honey).

Olbia: view of Porto Istana

The typical wines are: the white Vermentino di Gallura for who wants to enjoy a dish of fish; the red Cannonau di Sardegna, for more tasty courses; the moscato from Tempio for who is fond of sweets.

At the end of a dinner "alla sarda" (according to the Sardinian tradition) you must not miss the digestive liqueur produced with the myrtle’s berries that is widespread all over this area.

By Studitalia - School of Italian language and culture, Olbia

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