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Folk shows, concerts, traditional dance and celebration in the Olbia city



Olbia: S.Simplicio's church

You can find several village fairs in the various Gallura centres in spring and in summer, but the most important fair is the one held in St Simplicio’s honour (one of the Christian martyrs from Olbia, who is the town’s patron saint) and which is called "Sa Festa Manna" = the great feast. The precise day is May the 15th, but the feast is celebrated for a whole week, from 12th to 17th May.

The central event of the feast is the long religious procession that leaves from the basilica and crosses the most important streets of the town centre (the procession also includes the parade in the traditional period costume). The Saint’s statue is carried in the volunteers’ arms and the procession follows it and the martyrs’relics on foot.

Folk shows, concerts, Sardinian songs and traditional dances, poetic competitions, fireworks and the offering of typical dishes (especially shell-fish, sweets and wine) to the public follow one another during the celebration.

Olbia: cala Sassari beach

Some of the feasts celebrated in other parts of the town are: "St Paul’s Day" (January), "Our Lady from Cabu Abbas" (in May with songs, dances and lavish free tasting of traditional dishes based on fish and shell-fish), "Our Lady de Su Monte" (in May, with the offering to the public of the typical boiled sheep with potatoes, a traditional dish which is very savoury and is accompanied by some typical wines),"St John’s Day" (24th June, with the typical sea procession of the traditional local fishing boats).

Then you can also visit some art exhibitions: the Trade-Fair and the Naval Fair; the "Vinisole" fair (a race for quality, that involves the most prestigious wine growers of the island and the most traditional species of vine); "Emmas" the ethnic music festival.

By Studitalia - School of Italian language and culture, Olbia

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