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Turin: gastronomy

Turin’s gastronomy is the summa of the most famous Piedmontese cooking.



Turin’s gastronomy is the summa of the most famous Piedmontese cooking, which is bound to the ancient food-and-wine traditions, but also to the new recipes of modern cooking.

Among the first courses the "Agnolotti" are particularly tasty, made with filled fresh-made pasta, that is served with a meat sauce or a roast sauce; among the meat courses you can appreciate the beef "Bollito" (boiled meat), served with aromatic sauces that exalt its taste.

Everything is accompanied by the best Piedmontese wines: the full-bodied red wines (Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Barolo) anf the sparkling white ones (Gavi, Arneis, Favorita, Moscato).

We recommend you to taste the famous "bicerin", a very savoury drink made with coffee, chocolate and cream, that is to taste in the historical Cafés of Turin, together with the "Bonet", a typical sweet based on chocolate and macaroons.

In fact, we shall not forget that in the 16th century in Turin the chocolate served in a cup (the "gods’drink") was very appreciated and it gave the go-ahead to the production of simple or filled chocolates.

In the 19th century this fact made Turin become the European reference point for whoever wanted to learn the chocolate processing.

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