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Turin: tourism and culture

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Turin, is Piedmont’s regional capital. It is a modern and active town, standing along the banks of the river Po and surrounded by picturesque hills, that are characteristic of this place.

This town won importance beginning from the 16th century, when the Savoy family established their power and transformed it into the capital of the Italian Kingdom.

Today it is a historical and artistic centre with various cultural interests, which is also renowned for its strong industrial production.

It is easy to reach Turin by car, because the town is situated in the heart of Europe and it is connected with the most important European towns through a communication network that extends all over the region.

We want to mention the following motorways: the A21 Turin-Piacenza; the A4 Turin-Milan; the A6 Turin-Savona; the A32 Turin-Frejus and the A5 Turin-Ivrea.

As for the railway, Turin is well connected too and the most important stations in town are: Turin-Porta Nuova, Turin-Porta Susa, Turin-Lingotto, Turin-Dora Station.

The "Sandro Pertini" International Airport is only 16 km far from the town and it is connected to the centre through a bus line, thanks to the Dora Station, that makes a connection with the airport along the railway distance Turin-Ceres.

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