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Camerano presents many interesting monuments to its visitors.

Camerano presents many interesting monuments to its visitors.
There are numerous churches in this village, among which we remind you to visit St Francis’ one (1215), since it preserves a stone portal that is part of the ancient 13th century structure and part of the nearby monastery.

Another important church is St Nicholas and St Faustinas’ Church (11th century) which had been decorated by Carlo Maratti in the 18th century. Then the typical Italian garden, within the walls of Manciforte Palace, in the central square of the village, that still preserves its characteristic medieval shape.

Another important monument is Castel Vecchio, the medieval castle that contains the old built-up area of ancient Camerano, with St Apollinare’s Church, the most important church of the village. We recommend you to visit also the old caves dug in the underground of the old town centre, which are interesting labyrinths of communicating corridors with many architectural decorations.
About 1 Km from Camerano you can visit the charming St Germano’s Church and, driving on towards Ancona, you can rich Gradina, an archeological complex (probably an ancient village), provided with an underground net of staples, part of an elaborate hydraulic system.

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