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Genoa is historically and culturally rich in beautiful monuments and special places.




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Genoa is historically and culturally rich in beautiful monuments and special places, as the area of Porto Antico (the old port), a suburb which is dedicated to culture and free time (in this area you can find the Aquarius, the Antarctica Museum, the City of Children, made in the Cotton Palace, and the Sea Pavilion).

The Lanterna, symbol of the town, has been recently reopened and now it is possible to visit it. Then you can visit the typical fishers’suburbs and the lanes of the Old Town , next to the port, called carrugi.
The town centre is rich in medieval palaces, which are now situated next to futuristic buildings, that characterize a town which is a synthesis of ancient and modern styles.

One of the most important palaces of the town centre is the Ducal Palace, the old seat of the Genoese Republic’s Government, that dates back to the 13th century. We recommend you to admire the majestic Porta Soprana Towers, that date back to 1155.
Moreover, the imposing St Lawrence’s Cathedral, the aristocratic churches of St Siro, St Luke and St Peter in Banchi, with its ancient workshops incorporated in the same building, are worth visiting.

The church and the convent of St Mary of Castello is also important, since it is situated on the hill where the first urban settlement developed.
We remind you to visit Rosso Palace, that preserves a wonderful collection of the greatest works of the Ligurian Seicento, the Gallery of Reale Palace, ex royal palace of the Savoy family and St Augustine’s Museum of Ligurian Architecture and Sculpture.

Genoa photographies kindly granted by A door to Italy - Genoa

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