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Chiavari: history

Chiavari history.



Chiavari, whose ancient name is Clavarium ("valleys’ key"), is in the middle of Tigullio Gulf, in the alluvial plain formed by the stream Entella.

This area is inhabited since the VIII-VII century B.C. and, in the Roman times, the ancient settlement was considered as a vital passing and trading place.

The real foundation of the small village was in 1178, when Genoeses decided to expand into the East in order to oppose Fieschi family’s advance.

During the Middle Ages, this small town was under the power of Genoa and flourished for a long time, during which the Castle, the city walls and the Carrugio arcades were built.

Then Chiavari followed Ligurian events first under Napoleon, then under the Kingdom of Sardinia and, in the nineteenth century, became provincial capital.

In the last century, it was migrants land, especially from the South of America, whose traces remain in the names of its roads, often named after cities like Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Valparaiso, Lima.

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