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Rimini is an Emilian chieftown, situated in the Southern furthermost part of the Po Valley, surrounded by gentle hills and washed by the Adriatic Sea.
This town was born as a holiday centre in 1900 (the first bathing establishment dates back to 1843) and today it is the favourite destination of both Italian and foreign tourists, who want to enjoy a holiday dictated by the Romagna hospitality and by day and night entertainments. Rimini can be divided into two parts: the old town centre, with its Roman and Renaissance monuments and Marina Centro, which offers an elegant green area, ideal for long walks, a great variety of shops, of cafès and bath establishments.

If you want to reach Rimini by car from the North of Italy, you have to take the motorway A14, the “Sea motorway” (autostrada del mare), and follow the exit sign Rimini Nord, or you can also take the main road 9, Emilia. If you are coming from the North-East, you can drive along the main road 309 Romea, coming from Venice. Finally, if you are coming from the South of Italy, you can take the main road 16 Adriatica while, from the centre, you have to take the clearway Orte-Cesena.
You can easily reach the town by train, too, since every kind of train stops in Rimini and, in summer, you can benefit of a bigger number of runs to Rimini, than usual.
If you love flying, you can arrive at the Rimini International Airport (Miramare).
In the summer period the air traffic increases, thanks to the charter flights for tourists.


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