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REGGIO EMILIA: tourism and culture

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Reggio Emilia has been considered for a long time a town ‘built for people’, where living well is possible thanks to the high number and level of utilities which are provided to the citizens. This town is popular for its quiet and the excellent cookery, based on traditional and tasty dishes, Lambrusco wine, different kinds of salami with a unique taste and Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano).

The town is situated on the Emilia Way; it borders with the province of Parma to the west and with the province of Modena to the east. If you want to reach Reggio Emilia by car, the fastest way is the A1 Milan-Rome motorway that connects the town with the most important centres of the region.

REGGIO EMILIA: tourism and culture-Body

Besides, the town is connected to the north with the province of Mantua thanks to the main road SS 63 that connects it to the Apennines in the opposite direction.

If you travel by train, the railway connects Reggio Emilia with Modena, Florence, Piacenza and Milan, as well as with other branch lines to Sassuolo and Ciano d’Enza. Otherwise, if you prefer to reach the town by plane, you can utilize the airport in Reggio Emilia or in Bologna.

Reggio Emilia photographies kindy granted by Reggio Lingua


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