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RAVENNA: tourism and culture

Some useful and interesting informations about Ravenna: history, art, events, nature, gastronomy.



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Ravenna, an Romagnola chief town, stands in the North-East plain of Romagna. It is an ancient town, a few Km away from the Adriatic Sea. In fact, today this town is an important industrial and naval centre, equipped with a port, which is very active from the commercial point of view.Ravenna is very famous for its Bizantyne and early Christian monuments too, that show its ancient origins and its historical position in the Italian development. Moreover, as soon as you go out from town, you can find the lidi ravennati, some bathing establishments that extend around the town for 36 Km and are plunged into the green of the well-known Riviera Romagnola. We would like to mention also some other interesting places inside the Po Delta Regional Park, as Pineta San Vitale, Pineta di Classe and Punte Alberete.

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If you want to arrive in Ravenna from Bologna, you have to drive along the motorway A14; who comes from Venice, Padova and Ferrara, otherwise, has to take the main road 309 Romea; from the South of Italy the referenc is the main road 16 Adriatica and, from Rome, the clearway E 45.
If you want to travel by train the railway lines which connect Ravenna to the North and the Centre of Italy are: Ravenna-Ferrara, Bologna-Ravenna and Firenze-Ravenna.
If you prefer flying, the available airports are G.Marconi in Bologna, the international airport in Rimini and Ridolfi airport in Forlì.

Once you have reached Ravenna and you want to visit the old town centre, we advise you to leave your car in the paying car parks in Anastagi Street, Missiroli Street and Randi Street. In fact, for the town centre, you can use a good minibus system or you also have the possibility to rent a bike in different parts of the town.


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