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Cervia is one of the most popular and well-known seaside resorts in Emilia Romagna. Every year it welcomes millions of tourists who enjoy the beaches, the greenness of the pinewood and the sea of this territory.

The old salt village and the old fishing village, that marked the territory of this resort, got united in the twentieh century and became an active and hospitable town.

Today Cervia stands out for its 9 Km of beaches, for its hotel industry, that involves several places as Milano Marittima, Pinarella, Tagliata and for its special saltpans.

Cervia is a modern spa, with its special mud baths, connected to the activities of the saltpans, and it is a sport centre, too, where you can experiment with cycleways and gyms and where you can practice beach volley, horse-riding and many other activities.

If you want to reach Cervia by car:


  • from the north: drive along the motorway A14 Bologna-Ancona, leave it in Ravenna in the direction Lidi Sud – Rimini and leave the motorway in Cesena Nord. Then drive along the clearway E45, in direction Ravenna, leave it in Casemurate and drive on in the direction of Cervia main road S.S. 254 (km 16) or leave the clearway in Cesena and take the main road S.S. 71 bis, towards Cervia (km 12).
  • from the north east: drive along the main road S.S. 309 Romea as far as Ravenna, then go on along the main road S.S. 16 Adriatica, in the direction Lidi Sud.
  • from central and southern Italy: drive along the clearway E 45, leave it in Casemurate, then go on, towards Cervia.
  • from the south: drive along the motorway A 14 Bari – Bologna, leave it in Cesena, then take the main road S.S. 71 bis in the direction to Cervia (km 12).


To Cervia by train:

Cervia has got a railway station: Cervia – Milano Marittima, line Ferrara – Ravenna – Rimini.

The frequent connections to Ravenna and Rimini give you the possibility to reach all the most important towns in Italy and in Europe.

Railway station within a radius of 20 Km: Cesena, line Bologna – Ancona.


To Cervia by plane:

The airports which you can refer to are: Bologna (Km 90), Forlì (Km 30) and Rimini (Km 30); all of them are connected with the most important Italian and European towns through regular services and charter flights.


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