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The territory of Rimini province marks the boundaries between Emilia Romagna and Marches, so the land belonging to the Malatesta Signoria is situated in the most southern part of Romagna.
Malatesta’s artistic heritage is really wide, and the territory is very interesting too, both from the landscape and the environmental points of view. The hilly countryside is the characteristic element of this land, where you can find villages, cultivated fields and self-sown vegetation.
We would like to point out the Torriana Montebello Oasis, in the northern part of the Signoria.

Otherwise, in the central part, in the Marano valley, a beautiful fluvial park has been organized near Coriano. In this zone you can have a general vision of the hilly system and, in Albereto, you can visit a very interesting wood. The Signoria’s green heart is certainly the Onferno Reserve, with its caves and naturalistic routes. The view of the caves and the naturalistic environment of the hills accompany the growing of olive trees and chestnut trees, and everything draws a landscape, that shows the signs of the ancient human presence in a well-preserved territory.


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