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Rimini presents an artistic and cultural heritage that is worth knowing...

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Rimini presents an artistic and cultural heritage that is worth knowing. It includes the churches built on the hills of the hinterland, the Malatesta temple, which stands inside the town and emphasizes the history and the richness of Rimini throughout the centuries.
We recommend you to visit, for example, San Giuliano suburb, an old fishermen’s district, where you can see the ancient church, having the same name, which contains Il Martirio di San Giuliano (1580), by the artist Paolo Veronese. A short distance away from the church, you can find Ponte Tiberio, Tiberio Bridge, one of the few Roman bridges still existing today.

The beautiful town square, Piazza Cavour, which is the town’s central part, is surrounded by the magnificent Palazzo dell’Arengo (1207), by the Municipal Theatre and by the Palazzo del Podestà.
Another important monument is the castle Castel Sismondo, an impressive building, which was the past residence of Sigismondo Malatesta and contains today the Museum of the non-European Cultures. Near the castle you can see St Augstine’s Church, built in 1247, flanked by a big bell tower, where the masterpices by Maestro dell’Arengo have been placed. Of course, you cannot miss the Malatesta Temple, the town’s symbol, which is a typical Renaissance building, built between 1447 and 1460 by Sigismondo Malatesta, according to the plan by Leon Battista Alberti.

Finally the town’s museum, the Museo della Città, organized in the Jesuit ex-monastery and college. We recommend you to vist its picture gallery (Pinacoteca), that contains works by Ghirlandaio, Guercino and Reni, besides a precious collection of tapestries and ceramics.


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