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The Nature Reserve Salse di Nirano.



Salse di Nirano

About 17 Km away from Modena you can visit the Nature Reserve Salse di Nirano. This reserve is situated on the hilly part of the territory belonging to the Fiorano Modenese municipality and it extends for 200 hectares, including the Fossa and Chianca water courses.

The central part of the reserve is constituted by a big basin, shaped like an amphitheatre, that presents wide meadows, vineyards, strips of wood and sheets of waters among gully outcrops.

On the bottom of the basin you can see the grey large spots of salses, which are the emissions of salted muds and oozy water. They settle in conical heights, from which gases and bituminous substancies come out.

Their formation is owed to the subterranean water, that brings the clays to the surface through the soil’s fractures. This kind of emergence is specific of Nirano and it is the most important one on the whole national territory.

Inside the Nature Reserve Salse di Nirano you can find the Centro Visite (visit centre) Cà Tassi, a starting point both for free or organized visits.


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