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Cervia is a very active resort that proposes many interesting events and shows all year round. Besides the religious celebrations, Cervia celebrates with the Pasqualotti on the Epyphany Day (6th January). These Pasqualotti are figures of the popular tradition that sing and dance and every year they also begin the bathing season (on 6th January) at the Bagno Franco in Pinarella.

In spring, from 9th to 16th March the St Giuseppe Festival begins too, with fireworks and its typical Cuttlefish Festival, with animations and gastronomic stands.

Then the show Radio3 Infestival takes place in April, with live music, meetings, shows and musicians of international importance.

In April you can also see the 28th International Kite Festival (from 25th April to 4th May), that takes place on the Tagliata beach, both in daylight and by night.

From the end of April to 4th May, every year, Cervia reproposes the days of the Wedding of the Sea, an old tradition that dates back to 1445 and presents many picturesque and interesting events.

July and August are very rich in celebrations and shows. We can mention some ones: various outdoor musical shows (in the pinewood and in the salpans), the Pink Night (5th July), the Vip Master Tennis (11th/12th July), the Sarchiapone Comic Show in honour of Walter Chiari (15th July/2nd August), cultural activities as Philosophy Under The Stars (from 24th to 27th July), the tenth World Master of Sand Sculptures at the Beach Stadium (from 8th to 31st August) and the Rowing Contest (Palio della Voga, 18th/24th August).

In the autumn months we remind you: the Primavela Cup (8th/12th September) for the younger athlets who are from 8 to 13 years old, the historical commemoration of the replacing of salt "L’Armessa de Sel" (14th September) and then, at the beginning of October, it is possible to go horse riding, both on the beach and in the pinewood. From 11th to 13th November the patron saint of Cervia (San Paterniano) is celebrated with music, dance, the typical local gastronomy and the exhibitions of the typical products of this place.

December is dedicated to the Christmas festivities with markets, shows of fairy tales and puppets and the possibility to admire, in the Stella Maris Church, the mechanical crib realized with figurines that are moving both during the day and night.


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