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The typical dishes are based on local products of great quality.

Since Bagno di Romagna is the meeting point between Romagna and Tuscany, it offers a gastronomy which reflects the contact between these regions and finds its place between the tasty cookery from Romagna and the frugal Tuscan tradition. Usually the courses are accompanied by the typical saltless Tuscan bread, that reigns supreme on the tables of this area.

The typical dishes are based on local products of great quality: mushrooms (porcini) and chestnuts from Comero, truffles, pork sausages and hams, game (roe deer, wild boar, hare, pheasant), mature or fresh cheeses, as the raviggiolo.

A typical dish of this area is the Basotti, fine noodles put in a baking-tin, and then au gratin in the oven, which are served when they are crunchy.

The local tradition transforms even the products of the fields into the most diffrent soupes, salads and omelettes.

Do not forget the typical Eastern sweets, based on donuts, then the typical focaccia di Bagno (flat bread) and the schiacciata dolce o amara (sweet or bitter flat cake). When there was not much to eat, an invention solved the problem :tortelli alla lastra, a clever and cheap complete course, based on boiled potatoes with chopped bacon fat and garlic, wrapped into a sheet of pastry.
Moreover, the mushrooms, the truffles and the chestnuts from Mount Comero are delicious and can be eaten separately or matched to other dishes.

The last deliciousness is the Raviggiolo, a raw cheese, home made in the period October/March, with cow’s or sheep’s milk and put to drain on fern leaves into a wicker basket one night long.


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