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Pisciotta is a village of simple beauty, that has escaped the disruption of the building trade and of mass tourism. It is set in the National Park of Cilento and from the top of a hill, covered by olive groves, it stretches out towards the sea, that is the colour of emerald.
Pisciotta, with its buildings in medieval style, offers a 10 km long coast, with various beeches plunged into a habitat that is in good health. This village has got one among the mildest and most pleasant climates of Campania, with average temperatures that vary from 10/11 degrees centigrade in winter to 22/23 degrees centigrade in summer.

To reach Pisciotta you can drive along the motorway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria, leave it in Battipaglia and drive on along the main road S.S.18 with exit in Vallo di Scalo. Then drive along the wonderful Cilento coast as far as the village.

The nearest railway station is Pisciotta-Palinuro on the Napoli-Reggio Calabria line. There are daily connections to Salerno (19 runs a day are expected in the summer timetable and 17 runs in the winter timetable) and to Sapri (19 runs expected in summer and in winter, too).

You can reach Pisciotta also by private bus services on the line Pisciotta-Vallo della Lucania, with connections to Vallo della Lucania (1 run expected in summer and 1 in winter) and to Scalo Pisciotta-Marina-Rodio (1 run expected in summer and 1 in winter).

The hospitality of its inhabitants, the religious fairs, the theatre, the music in the square and the Italian language and culture courses are the visiting card of this charming centre of Cilento.

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