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Sorrento: nature

A fixed excursion for who decides to reach Sorrento is a visit to the Deserto....




A fixed excursion for who decides to reach Sorrento is a visit to the Deserto.
This was an ancient Carmelite hermitage, that was the ex monastery of the Bigi Fathers, that has got a wonderful terrace from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno, of the Sorrento peninsula and of Capri, as well.
Another excursion that allows you to enjoy the natural landscapes is the one to Mount Tore (528 mt) and to Mount Piccolo S. Angelo (462 mt), that are covered by thick and wide pinewoods.
From both peaks you can enjoy the marvellous landscape of the Neapolitan coasts.
If you want to make an excursion by boat, it is possible to reach Punta del Capo, to the West, where you can find the ruins of an old villa (maybe Pollio Felice Villa). Behind it there is a sheet of water called “Bagno della Regina Giovanna”, which is surrounded by rock walls. Since the water enters through a crack, the light gives it some typical hues, as green, light blue and purple.
Then, always by sea, but towards the East, you can reach the beach of Cocumella Hotel and you can admire, along the way, the particular rocky formation caused by the sea erosion.
Then from the beach it is possible to go on and reach the Sirenes Grotto, where you can admire the characteristic colours of the water and the ruins of the ancient buildings along the coast.

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