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Salerno: gastronomy

Salerno gastronomy is particularly tasty and can satisfy even the most demanding palates....




Salerno gastronomy is particularly tasty and can satisfy even the most demanding palates.
The dishes are prepared according to the recipes of the Mediterranean diet.
Among the starters we recommend you the fusilli and the cavatelli, served with meat sauces, gnocchi al sugo di asparagi (potato dumplings with an asparagus sauce), linguine con cime di rapa ( a kind of flat spaghetti with turnip tops).
Otherwise, among the other courses we can advice you: the frittata ortolana (omelette with vegetables),the grilled wild boar and hare’s meat, the different roasts. Moreover, you can taste eleven different kinds of sweets made with chestnuts.
Another typical product is the caciocavallo silano, a medium hard cheese, whose name derives from the Sila tableland, where the product’s origins are.
The annual production is of about 11.000 quintals and it is widespread in the vast Vallo di Piano plain. Another particularly tasty product is the mozzarella, made with cow buffalo milk. This is a typical cheese, which has been protected (DOP) since 1996. The Paestum production of artichokes (Tondo di Paestum) is also remarkable, since they differ in their morphologic and organoleptic characteristics.
Then also the Cilento white figs are delicious.
They are typical of the Cilento area and are unique in their quality and tastiness.
Then we will not forget the cultivation of San Marzano tomatoes, that are grown in the Agro-nocerino-sarnese area and are particularly suitable for the food-processing industry.
Then, if you want to finish your meal in a refined way, you can taste the wines of Salerno province.
In fact, they offer a range of products that can satisfy the market in the best way. We advice you to taste these ones: Cilento, Castel San Lorenzo, Costa d’Amalfi and Colli di Salerno.

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