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If you are interested in attending an Italian language course in Campania we would like to help you in your decision by giving you some useful information:


Campania is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the West, it borders with Latium and Molise to the North, with Apulia and Basilicata to the South.The regional capital is Naples, with about one million inhabitants. The other provinces of the region are: Avellino, Salerno, Benevento and Caserta.


The 51% of the regional territory is hilly, the 34% is mountainous and the 15% is flat. The highest peak, Mount Miletto, is situated on the border with Molise, and it is 2050 mt high. Along the Tyrrhenian coast of Campania stand numerous islands of calcareous origin, as Capri (10,4 square Km) or of volcanic origin as Ischia (46,4 square Km), which are both very popular as touristic destinations, together with Procida Isle (3,1 square km). The Volturno and the Tanagro are the most important rivers.
There are also some lakes: Lake Matese, Lake Patria, Lake Fusaro and Lake Averno.
Campania is a very rich region and, it is possible to distinguish two specific economic areas in it: the coastal area around Naples and the inland area. Along the coast there are all the most important cultivations of the region as vegetables, fruit and olives, since agriculture has got a remarkable importance, while in the inland the most important cultivation is that of cereals. As a consequence, the processing of agricultural products is a flourishing activity: production of pasta, preserving of tomatoes and other vegetables. Also the production of oil and wine is remarkable. Another activity to point out is the cow buffaloes-farming, which is concentrated in the Sele Plain for the production of the delicious mozzarella di bufala.
Moreover, Naples has got one of the most important Italian ports, which is an important reference point for the regional tourism.


If you want to reach Campania in the fastest way, that is to say by plane, the biggest airport is Capodichino (Naples), which allows you to reach the regional capital. From there you can travel towards the most important isles by different ferries.In fact ferries and hydrofoils leave from Pozzuoli and allow you to reach easily Ischia and Capri, where you can stay for some days.
If you travel by car, leaving from the North or from the South, the right motorway is the A1, that allows you to reach Naples and, from there, all the other destinations (including the ports with the ferry service).
The railway line follows the motorway and leads you, with the help of the main roads, to the inland and coastal places.


From the touristic point of view the Campania territory offers a lot of interesting things, both from the naturalistic and the cultural point of view. Certainly we recommend you to visit Naples carefully, its gulf and its principal isles, Capri and Ischia, which are characterized by some natural beauties, as the famous Grotta Azzurra (the Blue Grotto). Obviously you cannot forget Pompei and Ercolano, that reveal the marvel of a 2000 year old world and the Amalfi Coast, with its turquoise water, its inlets and the perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub.Then the Campania gastronomy gives another important contribution to the development of tourism. The numerous and tempting dishes, the tasty pizza, the excellent sweets and the fabulous Neapolitan coffee mix with the regional traditions and offer a varied and attracting reality to the visitors.

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