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Nicotera, the Tyrrhenian Sea Gem, holds an extraordinary patrimony, made of natural beauties, of a millenary history, of culture and traditions. These elements are the result of a magnificent intertwining, composed by typical artistic and architectural beauties. Thanks to its position on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Nicotera still keeps the charme of its particularly pure environment and offers to its visitors a phantasmagoria of lights, colours, perfumes and tastes and a sea whose waves inaugurated myth and history.

The old town centre is situated at the foot of the Norman castle, which is the seat of our Italian School for foreigners. This castle is also an Archeological and Rural Art Museum, and a Mediterranean Diet Centre. The old town centre is a picturesque sequence of narrow streets, stairs and widenings. The areas and places with high historical, artistic and landscape contents are numerous and they are all worth visiting.

You can reach Nicotera driving along the A3 road, as far as the Rosarno exit sign, then take the S.S. 536 road and drive on towards the sea for about 14 Kilometres. You can reach Nicotera by train too, with the Naples – Reggio Calabria railway line.

If you fly, the airport is in Reggio Calabria or in Lamezia Terme.

- Reggio Calabria as far as Lamezia Terme-Catanzaro exit. From here you had to drive along S.S. 848 towards Soverato, then to take the E-90 until the exit for the town.

By Scuola di italiano per stranieri, Nicotera

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