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Soverato: nature

The naturalistic beauty of the Gulf of Squillace




Soverato, ‘the gem of Ionian Sea’, combines the naturalistic beauty of the Gulf of Squillace, which characterizes it, with the modernity of its bathing facilities.

The Ionian Sea is famous because of the beauty of its uncontaminated and clear waters, which lap against large beaches with very attractive seabeds such as Caminia Beach, situated between Seaside Catanzaro and Soverato.

The coast is characterized by the strong smell of the Mediterranean scrub and by the uncontaminated Aleppo pine forests (Pinus halepensis – a kind of evergreen conifer of the Mediterranean coasts).

Consequently, the slogan is enjoying the sun, the sea and the special landscape of Soverato visiting the silver beaches of the attractive Gulf of Squillace.



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