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At Soverato the most strongly felt local religious feast is linked to the rites of the Holy Week, which start on Thursday and end on Easter Sunday.

In the summertime, particularly, the feast of Maria Santissima di Porto Salvo (Saint Mary of Porto Salvo), patron saint of the sailors, is very characteristic: this feast is celebrated on the second Sunday of August with a procession of people and boats, some games and a nocturnal pyrotechnic display.

The midsummer Festivals, which take place in Soverato Superiore (Upper Soverato), are also worth remembering, such as the ‘Sagra delle sarde e peperoni fritti’ (Sardines and fried peppers Festival) and the ‘Sagra delle melanzane’ (Aubergines Festival).

Besides, you should go to the traditional fairs, such as the antiques fair (the last Sunday of every month), the ‘Fiera di Galilea’ (Galilee Fair) (on Monday and Tuesday after Easter) and the ‘Fiera di S. Anna’ (Saint Anne Festival) at the end of July.

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