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The cooking from Nicotera is one of the most complete and healthiest ones of the Mediterranean basin.

Concerning the diferent kinds of meat, the pork meat holds a place of honour in this cooking and the "frittula" is taken into great consideration, that is pork rind and the "ndujia", a very spicy salami, then the "sopressata" and the "capicollo", two other kinds of salami. Among the different kinds of white meat it is important to mention the roasted young cocks with potatoes.

Among the fish courses, the "surici fritti" are typical and the "u pisci in salamorigghiu" that is fish roasted on live coils and sprinkled with a sauce made with olive oil, parsley, oregano and hot pepper; then you can taste the tunny marinara, fried shrimps or with tomato sauce, the famous "ninnata" that is prepared in fritters or cooked in a bain-marie and, to finish, anchovies and sardines.

As for the sweets, there is a vast choice in Nicotera.

The sweets are closely bound to the religious feasts. At Christmas they prepare the "zippuli", made with leavened dough that is filled with raisin and fried in olive oil.

At Carnival you can taste the "pignolata", a cake prepared with little balls of sweet dough that are fried in olive oil and then put together by honey.

At Easter the "taraji" and the "nacatuli".

In November, the month of the dead, you can taste the "Crucetti", that are prepared with dried figs filled with almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.

By Scuola di italiano per stranieri, Nicotera

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