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Events of Nicotera



In Nicotera the Holy Madonna of the Assumption is celebrated on 15th August every year. This festival is very important for the inhabitants of Nicotera, because this moment coincides with the traditional feast of August the 15th. Other important feasts are: the feast of the Madonna of Rosario and St Francis’feast-day. For these feasts they organize some fairs, which were magnificent in the past.

Every year, on 8th December, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, the town’s patron saint, is celebrated in Nicotera Marina. Some countrymen carry the statue on their shoulders along the streets and the believers follow it to sing hosanna to her. Then they reach the beach and pass the statue to the sailors, who take it to the sea. The evening finishes with fireworks and the "ciuccio", a typical attraction of the town.

We also want to mention another religious moment, that is the procession of Good Friday. Even if this procession has lost the spectacularity that it had once, it is still picturesque, because it takes place in the evening, by torchlight, along the typical streets of the medieval village or of the Giudecca.

Fairs: from 13th to 15th August, on the first Friday and on the first Sunday of October.

By Scuola di italiano per stranieri, Nicotera

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