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Museum and art of Nicotera



The old town centre, that dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, is particularly picturesque and magic and it culminates with the Ruffo Castle. Inside this castle we recommend you to visit the Civic Archeological Museum and the Centre for the studying of the Poro rural civilization. In the Civic Museum you can find some archeological pieces that belong to the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, to the Bronze Age and to the Iron Age and even to the Greek and Roman periods.

The Centre for the studying and preservation of the Poro rural civilization is situated next to the Civic Museum. On the right side of the cathedral you can find the Diocesan Museum of sacred art that contains in seven rooms various collections coming from the cathedral and other churches of the area.

The Historical Bishop’s Archives had got their seat in the Seminary Palace (17th century). It contains 14.378 documents about the history of Nicotera Diocese. Most of the material preserved here consists in law, religious and local history documents, starting from 1513.

The "Raffaele Corso" Municipal Library contains 10.000 volumes. It was founded on 29th October 1976 and it is dedicated to professor Raffaele Corso, a renowned ethnographer from Nicotera.

The Diocesan Library is a religious library. It is inside the Seminary Palace (17th century) and it contains 10.000 volumes. It has got two special departments: the ancient fund and the local section.

The above-said premises are open to the public everyday, apart from Sundays and the days before a holiday.

The Cathedral is particularly interesting. It has got medieval origins, but it was completely rebuilt after the earthquake in 1783, following the plan by Sintes, then it was restored several times in the following periods. It has a façade with three Baroque orders and an 18th century belltower with a square plan, on whose portal you can see a marble coat of arms of Bishop Franco (17th century).

By Scuola di italiano per stranieri, Nicotera

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