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Otranto: nature

The historical-artistic monuments that we recommend you to visit are the Castle...




One of Salento’s treasures is its pure nature, that makes the province of Lecce almost a whole, enormous nature park.

Badisco port

Among the numerous and beautiful places to visit we would like to point out the Nature Reserve Le Cesine, which is really a healthy green area.
This oasis is very important not only because of its rich flora, but also because it finds itself along the principal migratory courses of a great quantity of rare and protected birds, who stop in this area.

Besides the birds, other mammals live in this reserve as the fox, the hedgehog, the weasel and some particular raptors and reptiles, as the spotted coluber, one of the rarest snakes in Europe.
A considerable fish fauna lives in the two ponds of the park, as small crustaceans, insects’ larvas and fishes.

Tourists are invited to discover all the wonders preserved by this place and to know that it is possible to make guided tours inside the park by consulting the oasis’opening time.

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