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Mesagne: history

The origins of Mesagne date back more than 2000 centuries.



Mesagne: history-Body

Mesagne is named the town with an ancient heart because of its distinctive heart shaped historic centre.

The origins of Mesagne date back more than 2000 centuries. In the surrounding archaeological sites ruins were found that originated from IV-III B.C. The Messapi (who lived here before the Romans) were a population that settled and developed around the Southern area of Puglia without any precise identification. However the remarkable Greek influence in their religion, architecture and art, lead us to believe that possibly they came from the Illyrian area.

Thanks to its central strategic position between the coast and inland and the ability to cross the Via Appia, Mesagne developed substantially after the Roman conquest which resulted in the need to protect the town from future attacks and therefore around X-XI A.C. the Normans built the castle and a large tower.

Only in the XVIII century did the castle tend to become more of a noble building than a fortress. At the end of the XVIII century the town developed its cultural aspects with a tendency to become more modern with the building of the Theatre and extension of the large and beautiful garden in the centre of the town. It developed and expanded its economic growth based on the agriculture for its rich and fertile land of olive groves, wheat fields, vineyards, artichoke and tomato fields, and moreover peach fields.

Nowadays, Mesagne is still one of the most important import-export producers of the aforementioned local products.

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