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Mesagne: events

The events in Mesagne occur according to the seasonal time of year.



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The events in Mesagne occur according to the seasonal time of year.

In Summer the town offers a large number of exciting concerts, outdoor theatre and cinema, festivals, and most of them are free. Then the most important religious festival at this time is La Madonna del Carmine, the celebration of the Virgin Mary, patron of the town, on the 15,16 and17th July.

In Autumn you can buy your new coat at the popular fair La fiera del Cappotto, on the third Sunday of November. This is also the season when the olives are harvested (November-February) which enables production of the high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s a wonderful sight to see the surrounding countryside covered with hundreds of green or orange nets on the ground around the pruned olive trees ready for the harvest.

In Winter it’s Christmas time and in the historic centre you can walk along the signed tracks where you will admire hundreds of different handmade nativities. Then in every church there will be a concert to celebrate Christmas. In the same season the Theatre produce a variety of comedies from important and famous Italian artists.

In Spring we celebrate Easter with the Holy Week in particular with the religious procession on Good Friday. Throughout the year a large market is held every Wednesday morning, so whether you are looking for delicious fresh fruit and vegetables or clothes and kitchenware you can easily spend a morning exploring.


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